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Welcome to the Bulgarian fan page of the most spectacular German action series "Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei"!

"Their precinct is the autobahn.

Their enemies: extremely quick and dangerous.

Crimes without limit

extremely risky

for the men of Cobra 11."

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High speeds, dangerous stunts - real action!

This is a daily routine for the real men in Cobra 11!

The most spectacular series for real men!

Twenty-four in a murderous pace.

This team will make you conceal your breath.

For them every moment is a battle, sometimes uneven,

carrying pain and wounds, but the last blow is always theirs!

For them every day is a new mission and every risk is justified,

and their goal is every criminal.

The highway is a battlefield, and they are the last bastion of law and order!

Their lives are at stake daily, every new day is a fight at a murderous pace.

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Кобра 11 България



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