"cobra 11" - stars teach at the university

"cobra 11"-stars teach at the university

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 23:20

Professor Kawumm and Doctor Peng-Peng.

Visiting professors and TV policemen Daniel Rosner and Erdogan Atalay with police cadet Gizem Emre (in the middle)

Photo: Mario Jüngling

When Professor Kawumm and Doctor Peng-Peng have a lecture, then learning becomes really very difficult...

Attempts to distract the police cadet bring Erdogan Atalay, also known as Semir Gerkhan, completely out of his concept

Photo: Mario Jüngling

The University of Cologne has never been so cool! The actor Erdogan Atalay and Daniel Rosner were invited on Monday as lecturers on the topic "Highway Police".

However, the 28 students in the lecture hall were not real. The lecture was part of the filming of the episode of the autumn season  "Harte Schule" (Difficult School).

Training from Scrap Gods: Candidates for Commissioners listen to action heroes

Photo: Mario Jüngling

The TV cops have explained to the police cadets, how serious and dangerous is the job of the highway police.

For action hero Erdogan Atalay, a lecture as a guest was a trip back in time. When he was a student, he studied at the College of Music and Performing Arts more than 30 years ago.

Tease with students: The two TV policemen for the first time feel quite uncomfortable

Photo: Mario Jüngling

"I've always been stressed at the university, I'm just not so flexible.", he laughs in the interview of BILD: "But in the end I was even excellent. That surprised me most."

Source: Bild.de

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