Daniela Wutte

Martina Hill

Carina Wiese

Nina Weniger

Daniela Wutte was born on 22 June 1977 in Cologne. In 1997 she graduated from high school and then studied for a sports teacher, but changed the profession of an actor.

The Role:

She plays from season 21 in the role of the secretary Susanne König.

Martina Hill was born 14 on July 1974 in Berlin. She began her acting training at the Studio Theater in Berlin, where she appeared in several plays. Since 1998 she has worked as a radio speaker at Berlin radio stations. Since 2003, Martina Hill has also been involved in several television productions, including Lerdamer's television commercial.

The Role:

She plays from seasons 19 to 21 (total of 15 episodes) in the role of the secretary Petra Schubert.

Carina Wiese was born on 26 February 1968 in Dresden. She studied at the 59th Max Zimmering Polytechnic School in Dresden. She through training for designer at the Art Academy in Dresden. Since 2006, she has started filming in movies and series.

The Role:

She plays from season 3 in the role of Andrea Schäfer (later Gerkhan) - former secretary and wife of Semir.

Nina Weniger was born on 1 December 1968 in Frankfurt am Main. Daughter is the actors Monica Heisenberg and Wolfram Weniger. She started his acting training at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Hanover. At the beginning of 1990, she received a small role in the ZDF series - "Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht". Nina Weniger speaks several languages - English, Swedish and Icelandic.

The Role:

She plays in season 2 (total of 6 episodes) in the role of the secretary Regina Christmann.

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