a spectacular 40-ton explosion

a spectacular 40-ton explosion

Saturday, 21 April 2018 22:50

Booom! Explosive scene for "Cobra 11"

This is 40-ton, rising up into flames. The cascade will be broadcast in the autumn

Photo: Mario Jüngling

There is only one attempt. The clock man responsible for the cascades at the Aldenhoven film set is Tobias Nied, with a nicknamed "Heidi". He decides when to press the BOOM button. Ten are stunt technicians in Action Concept and one specialist for special effects. Also ambulances and fire trucks for emergencies.

Latest instructions: The director Franco Tozza talks with "Cobra-Cops" Daniel Roesner and Erdogan Atalay

Photo: Mario Jüngling

The construction of the stunt ramps took four days. The last tank cascade is not 60 seconds.

With flamethrowers recreates the scene with action heroes Erdogan Atalay and Daniel Roesner...

Photo: Mario Jüngling

...and SO looks on the screen

Photo: Mario Jüngling

When everything explodes and the stunt driver comes out of the wrecked tank, there's applause.

Source: Bild.de

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