premiere season 22 on diema

premiere season 22 on diema

Thursday, 16 August 2018 21:08

Watch the premiere for Bulgaria season 22 (seasons 41 and 42) of Cobra 11 from 23 August, every weekday at 21:00 (repeat at 12:00) on DIEMA.

On 23 August starts premiere for Bulgaria 22nd season. The season includes 23 episodes with one pilot episode. New Criminal adventures await the heroes of the series, already in the first episode of the season, Semir and Paul will rescue a young mother from a sniper. Dana will start her own case investigation, and Susanne will be kidnapped and threatened with her child. Semir will meet an old friend accused of a crime - his first partner Frank Stolte. Paul and the family of Semir, will go to the sea, but there will be together with nudists. Paul will meet his old love, and his family will be kidnapped, Semir and Dana will also be kidnapped. Semir and Andrea will get married again, but the wedding will be different from the last time. Paul will see a ghost of Halloween, and Hartmut will be in trouble. Will Dana be able to take the entrance exam at the Police academy and whether Semir and Paul will survive locked in the cold warehouse of a bunker, you will find out from 23 August at 21:00 on DIEMA.

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