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  • Since the beginning of the series in March 1996, over 300 episodes have been shot in which were ejected over 10 000 cars for scrap and more than 1 524 gangsters have been arrested. The longest car jump is with a Porsche, flew approximately 200 meters into the air.
  • The most expensive car we’ve ever seen in “Cobra 11” is Maybach Exelero Fulda. This car is worth about 9 Million Euros and wasn’t allowed to get a scratch during the filming.
Maybach Exelero Fulda
  • The episode “Hell of a Trip on the A4” is an exact copy of the American film “The Runaway Car”.
  • The biggest and most complex explosion is in the episode “City in Danger”. They’ve blown up 14 tanks with about 250 liters of gasoline. Pirotehnik allocates a total of 25 kg of explosives across the entire highway section.
  • The Filming an episode of “Cobra 11” costs about € 750 000.
  • The Filming of episode takes about 2-3 weeks.
  • The actor Erdogan Atalay wrote the script for the episode “Checkmate”, along with the writer himself.
  • The actor René Steinke was injured during the filming of the episode “Truckstop”.
  • During the shooting, a motorcycle driver dies in an accident on the highway.