Location filming

Полицейското управление на "Кобра 11" в Дреилинден


From 1996 to 1998, all scenes were filmed in and around Berlin and Brandenburg. The highway for the action scenes is located in South-East Berlin. North of the village of Dreilinden, along A115, they order the construction of a building, which will be the police station of Cobra 11. The highway is not closed during the filming. The Cobra 11 team drives at a low speed on the highway, this can be seen in the scenes when many trucks are overtaking them.

Сградата на продуцентската компания "Action Concept"


Since 1998, the episodes are filmed in and around Cologne and Düsseldorf, as well as on several main highways (A44/A46 and now mainly on the motorway from Aldenhoven Dürren-between Cologne and Düsseldorf) in North Rhine-Westphalia. The police Department of Cobra 11 is part of the building of the production company “Action Concept” in Hürth (near Cologne). The building has a superstructure and there are all the offices of the company-producer.

Магистралата до Алден


Since November 2005 (the end of season 10) for all action scenes from the film used a highway near Aldea (near Siersdorf). It was created for movies, series and tests. It’s length is 1.1 km.