Ердоган Аталай

Erdogan Atalay

Erdogan Atalay was born on 22 September 1966 in Hanover, Germany. His father is a Turk and his mother is a German. He made his first experience in the theater of 18 years in the play “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” in the State Theatre in Hanover. In addition to his theatrical roles, he played in “Referring to Lobek”, “Double Use”, “Guards” and “The Clown”. His big breakthrough in as Commissioner Semir Gerkhan in the series “Cobra 11” started in 1996. He lives with his wife Katja Ohneck and her two children.

In the series:

He plays from episode 3 in the role of Chief Commissioner Semir Gerkhan. A distinctive feature of Semir is that he is always in a good mood. His good mood can’t be destroyed even by the worst events, as a whole he has a positive image of the world. This positive thinking gives him the opportunity for more rare quarrels. Semir is not a careerist, which doesn’t mean that he is less courageous than his partner. Semir’s married to the secretary Andrea. The little quarrels between the two are commonplace. Andrea is often jealous when Semir comes in contact with attractive women.

Пиа Щутценщайн

Pia Stutzenstein

Pia Stutzenstein was born in 1989 in Aachen. After graduating from high school in Monschau, she was a student at the drama school Theaterakademie Cologne from 2012 to 2016, where she graduated in 2016. In October 2014 she attended a workshop with Sabine Schwedhelm at this academy.

In the series:

She plays from season 47 in the role of Commissioner Vicky Reisinger.

Даниел Рьоснер

Daniel Roesner

Daniel Roessner was born on 20 January 1984 in Wiesbaden, making his screen debut in 2004 in the short film “The Trojan Cow and Lieutenant Miller”. He became a famous for the first time to a broader audience in 2006-2007, as Luis Rothenburg on Sat. 1 in telenovela “Love in Berlin”.

He participated in the older episodes of “Cobra 11”, as Andreas „Tacho“ Tachinski (Seasons 28 and 30) – ep. “Turbo & Tacho” and the ep. “Turbo & Tacho: Reloaded”.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 39 to 46 (total of 73 episodes) in the role of Chief Commissioner Paul Renner.

Винценц Кифер

Vinzenz Kiefer

Vinzenz Kiefer was born on 29 January 1979, began his television career in 1997 without attending a theater school. Later, he took acting lessons with Manfried Schwebe, Ursula Mitch, Christopher Hilger, Sendino Frank Müller, Michael Margotta and Björn Johnson.

For his role in the film “Im Namen des Herrn und Tatort” in 2004, he was awarded for the best young actor.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 35 to 38 (total of 31 episodes) in the role of Chief Commissioner Alexander “Alex” Brandt.

Том Бек

Tom Beck

Tom Beck was born on 26 February 1978, graduating from the Bavarian Theatrical Academy in Munich. From 1999 to 2003, he sang in two groups, the last being King Schlehr, he leaves in 2001.

After a prize in the National Singing Contest for the best performance of the music scene, you can see it in many productions in theater, music and television. Since 2004, he has appeared in several television productions.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 24 to 34 (total of 81 episodes) has a special participation in the ep. “Happy Birthday” (season 46) in the role of Chief Commissioner Ben Jäger.

Гедеон Буркхард

Gedeon Burkhard

Gedeon Burkhardt was born on 3 July 1969 in Munich, Germany, and is the son of German actress Elisabeth von Molo, and grandson of Albanian actor Alexander Moissi. Gedeon Burkhard was sent to study in England. In 1979, he starred in the German film “Blood and Honor” and began his acting career. His mentor is his father, Wolfgang Burkhard.

In the 90s he lived in the United States and participated in several productions without great success. At that time, he married in Las Vegas, but divorced only four months later. He then moved to Vienna for the series “Commissioner Rex”. After more than 5 years, he moved to Berlin for working reasons.

Gedeon Burkhard has one daughter, Joya. Until November 2007, he worked in Cologne on the series “Cobra 11”, where he played a leading role as Chief Commissar Chris Ritter. He then returned to Berlin to be close to his daughter and to work on new projects. He says: “For the moment, I will devote myself to my artistic life in Berlin again”. He has a new role in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Inglourious Bastards”. After February 2009, he was filmed in the German TV movie “So ein schlamassel”.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 21 to 23 (total of 22 episodes) in the role of Chief Commissioner Chris Ritter.

Кристиан Оливер

Christian Oliver

Christian Olver was born on 3 March 1972 in Celle and grew up in Frankfurt am Main. After high school, he studied acting in the United States and played in many roles. He died in a plane crash on January 4, 2024.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 14 to 16 (total of 28 episodes) in the role of Commissioner Jan Richter.

Рене Щайнке

René Steinke

René Steinke was born on 16 November 1963, graduated from the Ernst Bush Theatre School in Berlin. He plays in many series and is known to the audience with “Guards”, “Police 110”, “Family for kiss” and “Cobra 11”.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 7 to 13 (total of 50 episodes) and from seasons 17 to 20 (total of 33 episodes) in the role of Chief Commissioner Tom Kranich.

Марк Келер

Mark Keller

Mark Keller was born on 5 May 1965 in Constance, Germany. He became a mechanic like his father, but his dream was to become an actor. From 1985 to 1987, he studied three semesters in a theatre school in Freiburg.

In 1989, Mark made his big breakthrough at “Rudy Karel’s Show”. Like Dean Martin, the immitator who struck like a bomb. Since then, his career has been going up.

In the series:

He plays from seasons 2 to 6 (total of 36 episodes) has a special participation in the ep. “Resurrection” (season 34) in the role of Chief Commissioner André Fux.

Йоханес Брандруп

Johannes Brandrup

Johannes Brandrup was born on 7 January 1967 in Frankfurt am Main. At school he won his first stage in theater groups and bands. In the school-Folkwang in the autumn of 1988, Brandrup studied acting and directing. At the same time, he worked as an assistant director at the Schauspielhaus Theater in Düsseldorf.

In 1992, Brandrup was summoned to the German theatre for the staging “Gšttingen” and appeared in a number of productions, including “King Lear”, “Nathan of the Wise”, “Yatagan” and “The Strange Battle of Samarkand” by Harald Müller.

In the series:

He plays in season 1 (total of 9 episodes) has a special participation in the ep. “Risk” (season 40) in the role of Chief Commissioner Frank Stolte.

Райнер Щекер

Rainer Strecker

Rainer Strecker was born on 25 October 1965, starting his acting training at the school moto-Falkenberg in Munich. His first plays were in theater in the middle of 1980. He played in the musical “Line 1”, as in series “Bella block”, “Crime scene” or “Klemperer”.

In the series:

He plays in episodes 1 and 2 in the role of Chief Commissioner Ingo Fischer.